East Row Rabble


East Row Rabble by East Row Rabble East Row Rabble 2019-2020 East Row Rabble released their debut self EP to a sold out house at the Polish Club in June […]

Limbah Berbunyi


Limbah Berbunyi | Trash Instrument by Mo'ong N' Friends Gongs made of gas bottles, bagpipes of plumbing offcuts, a biscuit tin sitar, PVC pipe elephant trunk roaring, oil gallon double […]

Mo’ong and Friends


Mo’ong and Friends Here is a performance we did for FKY festival in 2016 Whilst I was living in Indonesia I collaborated with a good friend Johanes “Mo’ong” Santoso Pribadi, […]

Brass Knuckle Brass Band


Split Lip by Brass Knuckle Brass Band Brass Knuckle Brass Band 2012 – 2014 Here is a track I wrote and recorded on for Canberra fave the Brass Knuckle Brass […]

 Know You Well Miss Clara


Chapter One by I Know You Well Miss Clara 2011-2012 I Know You Well Miss Clara I had the pleasure of playing with Jogjakarta Jazz/Prog Heads while living in Indonesia […]

The Monotremes


Phantasmagorganism EP by The Monotremes A recording from the The Monotremes EP Phantasmagorganism EP I was involved in. Crazy tunes, crazy costumes, crazy time signatures. A lot of fun and […]



Tarantism by Dahahoo Dahahoo was a band I played in back 2006 They were a bit of an institution, many Monday nights spent at the Phoenix Bootleg Session, and sweaty […]