Nicholas Combe


Canberra's very own enclave of Afrobeat + Ska + Reggae sounds - this 9 piece orchestra combines the mighty Afro-Funk of Nigeria's Fela Kuti with tight brass section and heavy jazz + ska grooves!

Originally formed in 2012 by Nicholas Combe and Simon Milman – two stalwarts of the local jazz and reggae scene in Canberra – the band recorded their debut EP in the same year and played around the ACT. 7 years later Nyash is back – the band has reformed with original members and some great new additions, including a frontman Jim on vocals and percussion. Nyash still base their sound on afrobeat and ska, but have now opened up their musical influences to include reggae, ethio-jazz, and dub.

This NYASH! V.2 is blessed with the musical wizardry of members of Zambezi Sounds, Los Chavos, Dub Dub Goose, Dubba Rukki and The Ellis Collective – From West Belconnen to West Africa and beyond, this musical collective will keep your nyash shaking!